Adobe Photoshop

July 18, 2013

in Software Review

Adobe_Photoshop_CS_retail_boxPhotoshop is the market leader for commercial bitmap image manipulation but has the disadvantage of a high price. This has allowed competing programs such as Jasc Software’s Paint Shop Pro to become popular. To capture this lost market share, Adobe has introduced a much less expensive program called Photoshop Elements that consists of Photoshop minus some of the high-end output capabilities.

Photoshop Elements

Now easier to use, this all-in-one home photo solution, provides powerful photo editing functionality plus intuitive organizing and sharing capabilities. Organize your photos the way you want using new tagging, searching , and viewing options. Make your photos look their best by clicking away red-eye, cropping and rotating, and brushing away flaws. Artistically enhance photos by converting to sepia or black and white, applying various effects, and simulate painting. Photoshop Elements is available online for $88 to $100.

Photoshop CS (Creative Suite)

Used by graphic and web designers, photographers, and video professionals alike, Photoshop’s key features include: a full assortment of painting, drawing, and retouching tools; professional color-correction tools; enhanced layer control and layer compositions; improved File Browser; advanced web capabilities; the Healing Brush; special effects filters; advanced type control; customizable workspace; and automated production tasks. Photoshop CS is available online for $450 to $650.

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