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July 18, 2013

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Video Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that utilizes video making as an artform and mode of communication. Since each person’s experience and need are different, therapies are personalized to serve the client’s need. No previous video technical skill is required.Grief and loss are normal experiences. When time is not a healer and loss is exasperated by earlier life experiences, therapy is recommended. Depression can be caused by suppressed emotional experiences which are stored in the brain with sensory input. Art Therapy can assist in the expression of memories nonverbally through the arts.

Trauma and PTSD can be caused by natural disasters, accidental death, repeated exposure to violence, abuse, combat or threats. Vicarious trauma is caused by continual exposure to traumatic events through the experiences of another. Expression through images and sounds, in a safe, therapeutic environment can help process and transform.

Imagine bringing meaningful video clips, photographs and music into therapy in order to process grief, loss and trauma experiences. Emotional experiences become attached to images, sounds, smell, taste and texture. Video Art Therapy utilizes the senses to unravel hardwired experiences. No previous video technical skill required.

Contributed by Basia Mosinski, MA, MFA, ATR

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