Flying Colors

July 18, 2013

in Software Review

nddav1Primarily a stamp and draw application, Flying Colors is advertised to be appropriate for ages 8 through adult. While the savvy computer artist might find this program too childlike, the available stamps, backgrounds, and vivid moving colors will engage most users. Some of the palettes encompassed within the application are: colors, patterns, gradients, a Stamp tool and browser, Eraser, Mover, Zoom, Eyedropper, Polygon tool, Oval tool, Rectangle tool, Bucket fill, Line tool, Spray can, Brush, Text, Symmetry, and Stencil. Parker-Bell’s primary complaint in 1999 was that “there is no racial or age variety in available figures. Human figure stamps are limited to blond and blue-eyed Caucasians in one adult age range and few poses” (p. 182). Although Flying Colors 2 has made an effort to expand the variety of their human stamps, they are still fairly stereotyped. However, as I demonstrated in Julian’s case study, the artist is not limited to the prepackaged stamps. Personal customization is possible by cutting and pasting desirable photographs into the Stamp browser. Flying Colors is available online for $29.

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