Haptek People Putty

July 18, 2013

in Software Review

peopleputtyPeople Putty is a tool that allows you to make your very own interactive 3D talking head by altering the pre-made faces and shapes available in the program, or by loading an image from your digital camera, scanner or hard drive. In the Texture palette, you can add wrinkles, makeup, hair, change teeth, eyes, as well as add tattoos or wounds. In the Shapes palette, you can mold your character like putty or choose from many shapes that resemble animals and objects. In the Personality palette, you can give your character a range of emotions from broken hearted to raging mad. The Accessories palette houses items such as earrings, glasses, wigs, hairs, and neck wear. Finally, the Theatre palette is where everything comes together. When you record your own voice (or use the available sound clips), your character instantly lip syncs to your words. Additional animation features allow you to send your character moving across the screen, changing shape, and change expression over time. People Putty is available online for $55.

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