Q: Do you take insurance?

July 13, 2013

in Frequently Asked Questions

A: No, but many insurance companies allow for out-of-network benefits for outpatient mental health and behavioral health. Please contact your insurance’s member-services department to verify if your plan offers out-of-network benefits for “outpatient mental health.” Additionally, any amount spent towards out-of-network services may still apply toward your annual deductible. Ask you insurance provider to send you several pre-printed billing forms for me to sign after your appointment. You can then send these directly to your insurance company for reimbursement.

If out-of-network benefits are available, ask for the following information:

  • Do you accept out-of-network behavioral health or mental health providers?
    • If yes, what amount of the psychotherapy fee (Code 90834) will be reimbursed?
      • For an Initial Diagnostic Evaluation (Code 90792)?
  • Is my coverage different for biological vs. non-biological conditions?
  • Are there any limitations with my mental health benefits?
    • Is there a limit on the number of sessions I am entitled to per year?
  • Do you require pre-authorization or a referral from an MD or Primary Care Physician?
  • Will I have to obtain new authorizations annually?
  • Where do I send the claim form and/or receipt given to me by my psychotherapist?
  • Do I have a deductible?
    • If yes, how much is it?
    • Have I┬ámet any portion of my deductible with other medical expenses this year?
    • Does any money spent for my mental health services apply towards my annual deductible?

If your insurance does not cover our services, we are happy to work with you to determine a reasonable fee. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards for payment.

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