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Are you suffering from Holiday Syndrome?

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Holiday Syndrome is more common than one may think. According to Morgan McKinley the symptoms on Holiday Syndrome include: full body fatigue nervous lack of […]

Sketch Up Make

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formerly known for its use in Google’s “Project Spectrum” “Some individuals with developmental disabilities—autism in particular—may interact more successfully with computers and their […]

Storage Systems

“When picking a storage device, you’ll want to balance several factors, including capacity, portability, and cost. Which one you choose will depend on how […]


Most scanners today are variations on the desktop (or flatbed) scanner, which analyzes a physical 2D image (such as a photograph, text document, or […]


“For most people, choosing a printer entails balancing price, speed, and print quality” (Cekan, n.d., ¶1). Speed is rated by number of pages printed […]

Reviewing the Software

“Software, like computers, changes frequently, and it is difficult to provide a critique of something that may not be available in a year or […]

Kid Pix Studio Deluxe

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A child oriented painting program, Kid Pix has several applications including drawing, painting, stamp art, slide show production, and animation. The various versions, Kid […]

Flying Colors

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Primarily a stamp and draw application, Flying Colors is advertised to be appropriate for ages 8 through adult. While the savvy computer artist might […]

Haptek People Putty

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People Putty is a tool that allows you to make your very own interactive 3D talking head by altering the pre-made faces and shapes […]

Cosmic Blobs

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Created by Dassault Systèmes, a world leader in the development of 3D design software, Cosmic Blobs may be the most powerful 3D graphics software […]