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Adobe Photoshop

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Photoshop is the market leader for commercial bitmap image manipulation but has the disadvantage of a high price. This has allowed competing programs such […]


application: a computer program that performs useful work not related to the computer itself. Examples include word processors, spreadsheets, art and music programs. bitmap: […]

Digital Video & Editing

Video Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that utilizes video making as an artform and mode of communication. Since each person’s experience and […]

Digital Photo | Photo Manipulation

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Photography is defined as the art of exposing film or a computer chip to light in order to generate an image. With the invention […]

Digital Sculpture | Modeling

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Defined as the art of making three-dimensional forms, sculpture is conventionally created by chiseling, carving, modeling, or casting. Today, the term modeling alludes to […]

Digital Painting

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Painters use a number of materials to produce the effects they desire. These include the materials of the surface, the pigments, and the medium […]

Digital Collage

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Known as the technique of creating a pictorial composition in two dimensions or very low relief by gluing items onto each other, collage traditionally […]

Digital Imaging | Drawing

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The common definition of drawing is the representation of forms or objects on a surface by means of lines or marks. Typically, this is […]

The History & Development of Computer Art Therapy

Historical Overview Since the 1980s, computers have been incorporated into various settings to help children cope with illness or do better in school. Although […]

Redefining the Tools of Art Therapy

Abstract The premise of this paper is that computer-generated art is a valid therapeutic modality for empowering clients and fostering the therapeutic alliance. The author presents […]