Fun Projects

Mr. Picasso Head

Thumbnail image for Mr. Picasso Head Created by Ruder Film Interactive, Mr. Picasso Head offers users a variety of line and facial elements to create your own image reminiscent […]

Hero Machine

Thumbnail image for Hero Machine Presented by UnderGroundOnline (UGO), Hero Machine is the ultimate fantasy comic book character creator. The user can choose from different body types before […]


Thumbnail image for Effusio Express your feelings visually. Developed by Shannon Widmer and advised by Sairalyn Ansano, LCAT this app was designed with the creative arts therapy […]

Pinch Pot Bowl

Thumbnail image for Pinch Pot Bowl

Materials Needed A 3″x3″ block of firing clay A paper, plastic or Styrofoam bowl A knife or pin tool Optional Materials A pencil or […]

Origami Box with Lid

Thumbnail image for Origami Box with Lid

How to make an origami box with lid from a sheet of oaktag Materials Needed A sheet of oaktag Scissors Pencil Optional Materials Stapler […]

Wooden Spoon Rod Puppet

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Materials Needed A wooden Spoon or Spatula A piece of fabric 1′ x 2′ A Pipe cleaner Two pony or wooden beads Two BBQ […]

Paper Rod Puppets

Thumbnail image for Paper Rod Puppets

Materials Needed Printout of Template on Card Stock Paper Scissors Single Hole Puncher Four Brass Fasteners Three BBQ skewers Tape Markers, Crayons or Oil […]

Plaster Masks Part 2: Decoration

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Materials Needed Dry Plaster Mask Acrylic Paint Brushes Awl, screwdriver or hole punch Raffia, yarn, pipe cleaners or curling ribbon Scissors Optional Materials Glitter […]

Plaster Masks Part 1

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Materials Needed 1″-1.5″ Wide Plaster Strips A bowl of warm water Plastic Mask Mold Optional Materials Newspaper to absorb excess water

Sports Medallions

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Materials Needed A block of clay Rolling Pin Two Rulers or other 1/4″ thick rolling guide Knife or Pin Tool Drinking Straw 1″ – […]