Services for Adults

phobia-2Life is hard. As adults, we all have responsibilites that sometimes overwhelm us. Whether you are experiencing change in the form of a recent life event or processing a past trauma, art therapy is uniquely capable of helping you identify the underlying issues that may be causing you stress, worry, anxiety or pain.

Some of the benefits of art therapy for adults are:

  • Self-awareness. Creativity can express thoughts and emotions in a new way. Individuals may not even be aware of these feelings until they begin therapy. These revelations may help them begin to deal with difficult feelings and move towards a place of resolution.
  • Personal fulfillment. Creating a piece of art can build self-esteem and give individuals a greater sense of accomplishment.
  • Relaxation. Art therapy can help relieve stress and anxiety. Even without dialoguing about what might be uncovered or revealed in the image created, the process of making art helps soothes ones nerves and worries.
  • Social connection. Art therapy is also beneficial in a group setting. This allows individuals to support one another by sharing their images and experiences.

Art therapy sessions may be mixed an matched to meet your preferences. All of the options below can be conducted 1-2 times per week or every other week.

  • Groups for up to 4 individuals are 60 minutes in length.
  • Mini sessions are individual session lasting 45 minutes
  • Traditional┬ásessions are individual session lasting 60 minutes
  • Intensive sessions are individual session lasting 90minutes

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