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It has been proven that the more we assimilate brain activity – right brain anf left brain – the more relaxed we become. Art making encourages us to use our left brain, which controls our creative side, and relax our right brain, which deals with logic and reasoning. But what really enhances our well being is the utilization of therapy techniques to combine the two by verbally elaborating upon and exploring the images that are created.

Coaching Peer Groups

weekend-reboot We all need to relax, to shake off the tension that builds up during the work week so that we can truly enjoy and be present for the weekend.  As our lives get busier and more hectic, we start to rush everything we do. This rushing can lead to difficulty in “shutting it off” when the work week ends.  Working with your hands in art making absorbs you and while you are busy your mind gets a chance to switch off and reboot. Discover why art making is the ultimate stress buster.  Sign up for a free session.

Psychotherapy Peer Groups

crash-course The more we pretend to have it all under control, the more stressed we are and the less in touch with our true selves we become. When life overwhelms us, we feel a need to retreat, to find a place to “crash“, to find peace and solitude. This is said to stem from a natural and understandable need to protect ourselves. However, sharing our expereinces with others who are going through similar issues can take a bit of the pressure off. Adding art making and visualization techniques into the mix can further put us back in touch with the present – in a world where we can be hopeful.  Sign up for a free session.

Ideal for individuals dealing with: life changes and transitions, loss, grief

peace-of-mind Explore why quality relaxation is essential and how art making can help us achieve a deep sense of inner calm. Throughout these sessions we will utilize a variety of calming techiniques such as aromatherapy and visualization in combination with reflective art making such as collage and watercolor to achieve peace of mind which can then be replicated at home.  Sign up for a free session.

Ideal for individuals dealing with: anxiety, intrusive thoughts, excessive worry

mommy-time You’ve probably flown on an airline and heard them say that in an emergency, you should place the oxygen mask on yourself first before placing one on your child or another dependent; meaning, in order to take care of someone effectively, you have to take care of yourself. Self-care is often confused with selfishness when in fact, taking care of your mental health and well-being are absolutely necessary in maintaining your ability to care for another. You deserve it because you have accepted the most important job in the world – motherhood.
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Ideal for parents, adult caregivers, and expecting parents

looking-forward Setting goals is a fundamental component to long-term success. However, the path to identifying those goals is not always clear. If you are like many who know what they want but are unsure how to get there, I can help you navigate the path not yet travelled. We will use organizational tools along with art making and visualization to map out your personal guide towards identifying and achieving your goals.  Sign up for a free session.

Ideal for recent graduates, students, and those going through career changes.